The Payveris Platform

Unified, cloud based, API driven digital payments and money movement

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Payment Challenges in Banking

Banks and credit unions were created to facilitate payments and money movement for their consumer and business customers and members.  Today, the business of payments in banking is more complicated than ever and this is threatening the traditional role that Banks and credit unions have place in the process.  Demographics are shifting, technology is racing forward, and competition from non-traditional financial institutions is increasing. To better compete, FI’s need to be able to offer their customers or members highly secure, faster and risk free payment options with a consistent user experiences across all of their devices.

Unfortunately, the industry's legacy payment systems are old, fragmented, inflexible, costly and difficult to integrate to--constraining a financial institution’s ability to innovate and deliver a consistent multi-channel user experience.  Furthermore, dated payment technologies built 15-20 years ago require financial institutions to trade payment speed for risk, cost or a poor user experience.

At Payveris, our vision is to transform the way financial institutions deliver digital payment services to their account holders whether they are seeking to pay a bill, transfer money between accounts they own at various FI’s or pay a friend or a business.

The Solution: Payveris Digital Payments Platform

Designed to keep banks and credit unions at the center of the commerce, Payveris has developed the industry’s only cloud based, open API digital payments and money movement solution to enable the delivery of bill pay & management, external account transfers (A2A), P2P and Digital Commerce payments from a single integrated and unified platform.  Our extensible set of web services API’s and turnkey widgets provides institutions with 100% control and flexibility of the user experience and enables the delivery of a truly seamless payment and money movement experience consistently across any channel or device.  With our modular approach, institutions can access, implement, and deliver only the services they want -- in any combination of stand-alone payment services or implement a completely integrated "agnostic" payment and money movement experience.


Benefits of the Payveris Unified Payments Platform include:

  • Keeping banks and credit unions at the center of commerce.

  • Lower overall operating costs and increase operational efficiencies by consolidating multiple payment systems into a secure, single, integrated, cloud based processing platform for Bill Pay, P2P, A2A and other money movement services.

  • Increase control, flexibility and consistency of your digital banking and payments experience with the most comprehensive set of API’s and widgets available in the industry today.

  • Improve customer or member experience with our intuitive responsive design payment and money movement capabilities.

  • Reduce payment risk, increase payment speed, and reduce overall payment costs with our Paysafe™ processing and Intelligent Payment Routing™.

  • Strengthen customer/member service and relationships with a single point access to data across channels and payment services either through PASS™, our comprehensive turnkey administrative tool or integrate our robust API's into your own customer/members services tool.

  • Flexible modular approach enables your institution to select and implement only the services you want to offer your account holders.