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Our Faster, Safer P2P Software Exceeds the Demands of an Online and Mobile Audience

As part of our unified digital payments platform, Payveris' Person to person payments (P2P)  enables customers or members to conveniently and electronically send money from their bank or credit union account to anyone’s account at another financial institution via the web, smart phone or tablet.

P2P is a fast and simple way for people to send cash directly to others using a mobile phone number or email address via online banking, a smartphone or tablet. The separation between our P2P and other solutions is in Payveris' superior PayItNow technology that integrates easily into online banking or mobile banking applications for a better and seamless user experience. With a growing number of people expecting to access reliable P2P functionality, financial institutions gain a competitive edge by offering a FI-centric solution that safeguards users' sensitive information while securely delivering money faster.

  • Open API, Widgets or Single Sign-On:  Our single platform allows users to seamlessly sign into their accounts once in order to not only utilize P2P but also Bill Pay, A2A and other money transfer solutions within the online or mobile banking application.
  • Quicker and More Secure: Payveris' innovative person-to-person payment technology surpasses alternatives that rely on outdated, costly and slow mechanisms. We use the Good Funds model that delivers money securely by the next business day. Plus, we don't require people to share their personal information, such as Social Security number or banking information, to move money.
  • Simple to Use:  A sender simply provides the email or phone number of who they want to send money and the amount they want to send. The recipient is then notified by email or text message that the customer or member is sending them money, along with instructions on how to securely accept the funds. Once completed, the funds are electronically transferred and the transaction is completed easily, safely and quickly.

Unlike other solutions in the marketplace, your financial institution is not cut out of the transaction with our P2P solution; just the opposite, the FI remains in the middle where they have always been as the trusted provider their customers or members expect.

Payveris focuses on developing faster, cost effective, seamless and more secure digital payment solutions. Our powerful technology is easy to implement and use, while delivering better outcomes for users and keeping financial institutions firmly in the center of commerce.

Stay tuned as we continue to develop other exciting features for this offering, such as the ability to move money real-time.

See how Payveris' P2P offering powers First United Bank.

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