Consumer Bill Pay

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Consumer Bill Pay Facilitates Quick Transactions

Consumers demand instant accessibility to technology that allows them to seamlessly pay their bills anytime, anywhere conveniently from their computers or mobile devices. As part of our unified digital payments platform, Payveris' Consumer Bill Pay is the innovative application that delivers the finest user experience available in the marketplace while positioning your financial institution as a full-service provider of best-in-class digital payment solutions. We understand the pressure financial institutions face to deliver these services, and we provide innovative solutions and support that help FIs successfully meet and exceed account holders' expectations.

Consumer Bill Pay integrates seamlessly with any online and mobile banking application, as well as Payveris' P2P and A2A solutions. Automate bill payments and schedule them anytime while the Intelligent Payment Router guarantees faster, more accurate payment deliveries. Intuitive and feature-rich, Consumer Bill Pay is the game-changer in a competitive field.

  • Open API, Widgets or Single Sign-On:  Our seamless-platform technology allows users to seamlessly sign into their accounts once in order to utilize Bill Pay, A2A, P2P and other money transfer solutions within the online or mobile banking application whether they take advantage of our Open API, Widgets or Single Sign-on.

  • Detailed Dashboard: Consumers conduct all bill pay functions within a clean, easy-to-use payment dashboard that also provides access to their payment history.

  • Customizable Layout: Consumer Bill Pay can be customized to match the look and feel of online and mobile banking applications to provide a seamless user experience.

  • PayExpress: Our expedited payment option guarantees overnight payments as part of a system that can ensure bills are never late or missed.

  • PayTrack: Follow the detailed step of each payment from creation to delivery and access 18 months of payment history.

Payveris focuses on developing faster, cost effective, seamless and more secure digital payment solutions. Our powerful technology is easy to implement and use, while delivering better outcomes for users and keeping financial institutions firmly in the center of commerce.