Keep funds flowing 

In a world where many people have accounts in multiple places, your customers expect you to facilitate transfers between financial institutions without delay and without having to visit a branch. 

With Payveris, you become the hub of your customers’ financial activity. Account-to-Account (A2A) external transfer services connect all of their external financial institutions to yours so they can move money in and out of their account, fund investment accounts, and fund new accounts all from accounts external to your institution.  


Instant, flexible, and safe 

A2A transfer services can be set up with Payveris’ micro-deposit verification capability and through Instant Account Verification (IAV). Once external accounts are verified, customers can make electronic transfers from or to their account on a one-time or recurring basis. 

To help mitigate fraud, Payveris’ A2A transfer service comes with PayWatchSM, an integrated pre-transaction fraud management tool, dynamic customer segmentation, and flexible ACH aging periods.


Integrate on Your Terms

With Payveris you have complete control over how you deploy external transfers. You choose how, and we’ll get you there, with our implementation options: API, component widget, or single sign-on.

Account-to-Account transfers are one more way to give customers what they want and bring them home to their financial institution. 


Empower consumers with an easier way to move money

Minimize friction via unified external funds transfer

Increase operational efficiency with a single unified platform

Time for a Demo

You’ve got to see it in action! Check out a truly reimagined money movement experience.

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