How to Monetize APIs in the Emerging World of Open Banking

This event was held on May 13, 2020



The distribution of banking products is changing to an ‘API first’ model as the next step in the evolution of digital banking. APIs enable financial institutions to connect with an ecosystem of fintech partners to develop better customer experiences and extend client reach. But how can financial institutions and their technology partners capitalize on this emerging world of open banking?

In this webinar, Aite Group's Senior Analyst, Ron van Wezel and Payveris' Chief Technology Officer, Nate Dudek discuss the trend to open banking and the business models that are available for monetization of investments in APIs. Based on recent Aite Group research and expertise from Payveris, this webinar will provide key insights into the following topics (and more!):

- Why open banking will transform the financial services space.
- How FIs and technology companies can monetize APIs and open banking.
- How contractual agreements around the use of APIs are structured between companies in the value chain.



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