“Our partnership with Payveris signals our full commitment to that, and links our network to a new creative-force- to-be in the future of member directed payments."
- Randy Karnes, CEO of CU*Answers


“More consumers are turning to alternative payment providers to meet their needs, cutting the bank out of the transaction. To remain competitive, we must offer digital services that are fast, convenient and easy to use. We’ve fulfilled all of those needs with our partnership with Payveris.” 
– Kevin Carson, Chief Technology Officer of First United Bank 


"Payveris' "SEND CASH" P2P solution makes it simple for our clients to move money without having to pre-register or fear their data will be used to market additional products and services." 
– John Fitzpatrick, Chief Operating Officer of Fieldpoint Private Bank


“At Access Softek we are offering a new and superior approach to making online payments via a unified payments interface and Payveris fits into this new and innovative model perfectly.”
- Chris Doner, CEO of Access Softek


“In deciding to partner with Payveris, we were impressed not only by the payments technology that Payveris brings to the table, but by the team at Payveris and their dedication to helping credit unions to succeed.”
– Craig Peterson, Director of Sales and Marketing for CUProdigy


“Both Payveris and Geezeo share a common desire to continually provide both banks and credit unions...”
- Shawn Ward, CEO of Geezeo


“At Mosaik, we seek out innovative companies that leverage the best of today’s technologies"
- Howard Mergelkamp, Managing Partner of Mosaik Partners


"The partnership between D3 Banking and Payveris delivers a solution that allows financial institutions to control all aspects of the user experience around money movement."
- Mark Vipond, CEO, D3 Banking


“When it comes to payments, Payveris’ innovative approach is leading the way. By expanding our partnership with Payveris, we’re bringing innovation to the forefront of the industry and empowering financial institutions to provide their customers with a total digital banking platform that includes a fully integrated payments engine.”
 Murthy Veeraghanta, Chairman & CEO of VSoft Corporation


“To expand the Tier 1 software solutions that IBT offers to community financial institutions, we searched for a partner that could help us integrate the latest bill pay and payments technology into our existing suite of products. We were impressed with how professional and easy the team at Payveris is to work with. Their level of knowledge in the online payments arena is unsurpassed.”
– Mark Dittman, CEO, IBT


“Amid rising competition, Payveris continues to transform the payments process while it focuses on staying ahead of the competition by continually enhancing and adding to its digital payments platform.”
– 10 Most Promising Cloud Banking Solutions Providers 2015, Banking CIO Outlook


“Rather than starting from scratch with our own digital payments platform, we were looking to partner with a reputable company that had not only an impressive product, but also shared our philosophy of continuous innovation. Payveris was a natural fit given the design and intuitiveness of its platform.”
- Alex Lopatine, CO-CEO of Nymbus


“Payveris’ robust product offerings place the company at the forefront of a constantly evolving industry that supports mobile and internet banking and provides a solution for community banks, credit unions and their customers that is equal to or better than that offered by much bigger banks.”
– Victor Budnick, Ironwood Capital Connecticut Managing Partner


“We were particularly attracted by Payveris’ unique positioning as an independent provider of payment services, which is very appealing to both its market and to bank regulators. Payveris’ management team has a deep command of banking industry challenges and a long history of solving them, and the company’s progress in reaching key milestones has been impressive.”
- Claire Leonardi, CEO of Connecticut Innovations


“Our partnership with Payveris, helps us offer our credit union customers the ability to extend new payment options to their members through a seamless integration into our online banking suite.Our ultimate goal is to provide technology solutions that differentiate our customers in an increasingly competitive financial services industry. We trust that Payveris will help us provide that added value and improved market position.”
– David McCullough, Senior Product Manager at EPL, Inc.


“I would recommend any credit union looking to improve their member's retention and/or to attract younger members to consider Payveris bill pay."
- Jonathan Matthews, CEO of Southland Federal Credit Union 


"Payveris has created a single highly secure platform for digital payments that makes the process faster while keeping banks and credit unions at the center of the transactions."
– Robb Gaynor, Chief Product Officer, Malauzai



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