Payveris wins Best-in-Show Award at PayThink 2018

CROMWELL, Conn., October 2, 2018: Payveris LLC, the fastest-growing provider of digital money movement technology to financial institutions, was honored with Best-in-Show at PayThink 2018 for its demonstration of the company’s innovative MoveMoney Platform.

“Over the last twenty-five years, digital banking and payments have become increasingly complex,” said Nate Dudek, chief technology officer for Payveris. “Financial institutions have added product after product to their infrastructure, which may have solved an immediate need to deliver new products to the market, but ultimately has evolved into a costly and clunky user experience with redundancy and inefficiencies in the back-office, including disparate admin tools, reporting, and payment processing.”

Payveris’ open API cloud-based digital payments hub enables the FI to simplify and remove friction in the user experience while eliminating operational redundancy. The FI can control and tailor their digital banking and money movement experiences with full flexibility and scalability, while dramatically simplifying their back end. Because our unified money movement platform was built from the ground up with open APIs, the microservices available through the platform make it fully agnostic to the vendors, use cases, and applications that are connected in, providing the FI with a highly scalable, fully future-proof system.

Banks and credit unions can deploy Payveris’ money movement microservices ala carte or in combination with other microservices (e.g. bill payment and presentment, P2P and A2A transfers, account verification, loan payments, integrated fraud monitoring) seamlessly across any channel, while reducing operating expenses and enhancing their customers’/members’ digital money movement user experience.

“While other money movement platforms are rigid and inflexible, our modern API-driven approach lets financial institutions provide true flexibility for modern payment workflows,” adds Ron Bergamesca, chief executive officer, Payveris. “This innovative platform-approach enables the FI to meet customer demands faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost than the traditional product-approach.”

About Payveris

Payveris is the creator of The MoveMoney Platform, an Open API cloud-based platform enabling FIs to control, simplify + extend digital money movement capabilities to any application/device while lowering user experience friction, significantly reducing operating costs & future-proofing the IT investment. Shift from a product-centric digital payments model to a platform-centric model today! Visit to learn more.

About PayThink

PayThink is focused on the rapidly changing, inter-connected markets of debit, credit, mobile, prepaid and digital payments. With new participants and emerging technologies flooding the market and changing the dynamics of the industry, the right path forward is unclear to many. As the payments industry strives for faster innovation to launch new products ahead of competitors, PayThink provides insight from market participants and innovators leading the way. PayThink is designed for executives looking to stay relevant in the ever-changing payments ecosystem by finding and honing their competitive edge.


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