Payveris and Vouchr Begin Delivering Next-Gen Personalized, Interactive Digital Money Movement

CROMWELL, Conn., February 21, 2020: Payveris, the fastest-growing provider of digital money movement technology to financial institutions, announces new partnership with Vouchr, the creators of an experience platform that transforms digital money movement into a fun and social experience by allowing users to personalize payments to friends and family with a wide range of multimedia digital experiences that increases engagement, drives customer loyalty, and monitizes transactions.

"Money transfer can give people another avenue to be social and to express the hundreds of emotions and reasons why they send cash," shares Suresh Bhat, Co-Founder of Vouchr. “We enable users to express themselves with their money transfer by adding audio, videos, fun games, selfies, chat and other media that create unique and personalized experiences with every transaction. They can even add unique digital greeting content that transforms payments into the perfect gift for any occasion.”

Payveris has integrated the Vouchr experience platform into its MoveMoneySM Platform to enable Vouchr’s personalization capabilities to flow through Payveris’ P2P solution. “We’re rolling out this integrated solution with a mid-sized East Coast bank, and we’re quickly learning that the personalization of P2P transactions goes well beyond the gifting use-case, such as birthday and anniversary gifts. It’s been a popular means for sending custom employee spot rewards, and we’re discovering user preference to include unique messages with everyday P2P transfers because it’s fun and engaging” remarks Marcell King, Chief Innovation Officer of Payveris. “By monetizing P2P in this way, financial institutions gain greater ROI from the increased customer loyalty. This is truly digital payments differentiated!”

“This experience-based P2P offering helps banks compete with popular non-bank P2P apps,” said Talie Baker, Senior Analyst of Aite Group, an independent research and advisory firm. “Consumer preference for personalization of P2P transfers is strong, as evidenced by the user adoption trends of non-bank P2P apps. This fintech partnership between Payveris and Vouchr provides a comparable alternative to consumers.”

Payveris’ open-API cloud-based MoveMoney Platform currently supports more than 250 US-based financial institutions for bill payment, account-to-account transfers, eBill presentment, real-time person-to-person transfers, and now, personalized, interactive digital money movement.

About Payveris

Payveris is the creator of the MoveMoney Platform, an open API cloud-based platform enabling financial institutions to control, simplify, and extend digital money movement capabilities to any application or device while lowering user experience friction, significantly reducing operating costs and future-proofing the IT investment. Shift from a product-centric digital payments model to a platform-centric model today!

About Vouchr

Led by industry veterans in the gaming industry, Vouchr has created an experience platform that allows banks and payment networks to transform their existing transactions into a delightful, personalized and gamified experience. Vouchr's platform seamlessly layers on top of existing payment rails and allows bank to monetize their consumer and business money transfers while offering enhanced consumer experiences that drive mobile engagement.



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