Corporate One FCU Chooses the Payveris MoveMoney Platform to Power Digital Payments Innovation and Faster Payments

CROMWELL, Conn., December 13, 2017 –  Corporate One Federal Credit Union is partnering with Payveris, the Cromwell, Conn.-based provider of digital payments and money movement technology to financial institutions, to lead its more than 820 members credit unions toward continued digital payments innovation and faster payments. Corporate One, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, is one of the country’s largest and most financially secure wholesale credit unions. It supports credit unions, representing 17.5 million members, in 44 states.

In addition to adopting the Payveris MoveMoney platform, Corporate One also will resell Payveris services, including best-in-breed bill pay, bill management, account-to-account and person-to-person money movement services.

“Corporate One is at the top of wholesale credit unions for its progressive strategy to guide and support its member organizations’ payments evolution, ensuring they have the education, tools and technology to keep and attract members,” says Ron Bergamesca, Payveris CEO. “We know Corporate One thoroughly explored its partnership options, so it’s especially gratifying that they chose Payveris’ technology to enable execution of their payments strategy.”

“Payveris aligns 100 percent with strategic imperatives we outlined for digital solutions,” adds Corporate One FCU President/CEO Lee Butke. “We share a ‘put members first’ approach, which emphasizes the need for simplistic yet high-value user experiences that we were hard pressed to find elsewhere. Most importantly, we share a commitment to investing in and offering solutions that effectively position credit unions for the pivot to faster, real-time payments.”

Building Loyalty and Attracting New Members through Payments Differentiation

The open architecture of the Payveris MoveMoney platform, along with the broad range of innovative payments services it supports, will empower Corporate One’s members to differentiate themselves from competitors by adapting quickly to the rapidly changing payments environment to provide solutions that meet the needs and growing sophistication of their memberships.

“Today’s consumers are incredibly savvy regarding their financial services choices, creating an environment in which credit union members have distributed their business across a variety of providers, including other credit unions, big banks and nonbanks,” comments Corporate One Executive Vice President Keith Riddle. “Our goal is to help credit unions by offering solutions that give them the competitive advantage to win the loyalty of current members—including a larger share of their financial business—and attract new members, especially digital natives.”

Riddle points to the Payveris BillManager™ application as an example of how credit unions can deepen loyalty and keep their institutions relevant to members. “Biller-direct models have diverted members’ focus away from their credit unions as the center of their financial universe,” he says. “Payveris BillManager resets the value proposition, so credit unions can win back members with a comprehensive solution that enables them to manage all their bills from their credit union’s website or app, and to pay their bills any way they choose, including by card. It’s a real competitive differentiator.”

Payveris BillManager™ is an innovative solution that integrates the best features from personal finance management apps with enhanced bill payment options, including paying bills with credit cards, and A2A and P2P features. Corporate One anticipates adding Payveris BillManager to its solution line up in early 2018.

Futureproofing Operational and IT Investments

“The Payveris MoveMoney platform also futureproofs Corporate One’s member organizations’ operational and IT investments by providing a single payments gateway that puts them in control of their payments operations today and in the future,” adds Bergamesca. “This one platform enables all types of payments through any device or application, so Corporate One members can introduce innovative products that win and retain members.”

“Payveris is nimble, flexible and committed to platform extensibility, so as payments technologies and opportunities develop, our member organizations can evolve without changing or adding platforms, technology or vendors,” says Riddle.” They can build on what they’ve already implemented and, importantly, avoid the cyclical rip-and-replace or bolt-on models that deter real progress in financial services.”

He points to the competitive advantages of the Payveris MoveMoney application, which, he says, replaces legacy providers’ inefficient, siloed and disparate approaches to A2A and P2P digital money movement with an intuitive, integrated solution that reduces friction and simplifies the user experience.

Starting immediately, Corporate One will introduce the Payveris MoveMoney™ platform, along with A2A, P2P and bill pay, to its credit unions.

Moving Rapidly into Real-Time Payments

Corporate One also is committed to moving rapidly into faster payments and is “collaborating intensely” with Payveris to begin project scoping on real-time payments in the first quarter of 2018.

“Real-time payments can deepen members’ relationships with their credit unions, and, we believe, lead to dramatic growth in users and transaction volume through the addition of more use cases,” comments Riddle. “Corporate One has deep experience in same-day ACH payments, and we’ll continue to support ACH funds movement. We are also evaluating the ability to support real-time payment use cases for credit unions through the Payveris partnership and its money movement platform.”

What’s most important to Corporate One is supporting its member organizations’ digital journeys, which can take many paths, Riddle offers.

“Our role is to help credit unions achieve the digital payments journey that’s most appropriate to the organization and its members,” he says. “We encourage them to start their journey sooner rather than later and we’ll be with them—along with Payveris as our mutual partner—to help achieve their goals.

About Payveris 

Payveris’ cloud-based money movement platform empowers financial institutions to take command of their customers’ digital user experience as well as their IT and payments operations, while introducing innovative products that win and retain members/customers—today and in the future. Its integrated platform, extensible gateway API and suite of widgets support payment services from any application or device, reduce IT and operations complexity, and futureproof IT investments—all while significantly reducing out-of-pocket expenses. For more information, please visit

About Corporate One Federal Credit Union 

Corporate One Federal Credit Union is a leading wholesale financial services provider to more than 820 of America’s credit unions. With more than $5.3 billion in assets under management, Corporate One offers a full menu of payments, investments and funding solutions to help credit unions grow their bottom line, manage cash effectively through The One Account, streamline member acquisition, and succeed in the digital payments arena. Visit to learn more.


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