Fast. Simple. Secure.

Looking for a simple, cost effective, co-branded, or white label P2P solution?

With the Payveris MoveMoneySM Platform as a foundation, you can offer your customers/members a fast, easy, and secure way to send money directly to their family members, friends, landscaper, landlord, or any person they want to send it to, using the person’s mobile phone number or email address.

With our proprietary PaySafeSM settlement process and integrated fraud mitigation tools, recipients can get their money safely and securely, as early as the next business day (Real-Time Payments coming soon).

Integrate P2P Transfers directly into online banking and mobile banking applications for a seamless user experience with your choice of implementation options: API, Widget or Single Sign-on. Want to substantially reduce user friction across other digital money movement services? Deploy our unified P2P/A2A Transfers widget or use our APIs to integrate Consumer Bill Pay, eBill, P2P, and A2A Transfers into you own unified money movement experience.



Learn how Payveris will help your organization simplify, control and extend your digital money movement services.


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Experience the impressive speed, power and flexibility of The MoveMoneySM Platform.

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