The power of the Instant Payment Network

Your customers want to access electronic bills and statements, pay their bills instantly with their payment method of choice, and move money to anyone in the U.S. in real time. You can give it all to them with the Instant Payment Network.


15,000+ billers: Largest insurance, utilities, consumer finance, healthcare and government billers

300+ banks, credit unions and fintechs

50 million consumers in the US and Canada


Electronic bill presentment and aggregation of 15,000+ billers

250 million annual payment and money movement transactions through ACH, debit and credit card, digital wallet, check and payment remitance rails

your gateway to

Bill Management and Payment

Bill Presentment and Orchestration

Person to Person Payments

External Account Transfers and Account Funding

Loan Payments

Small Business Bill Payments

B2C Disbursements

The Instant Payment Network is your connection to more than 15,000 billers and sources of money movement including virtually every bank and credit union in the country, debit card and credit card payments, and multiple digital wallets such as PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. The network also enables consumers to make loan payments to your institution from the PayPal app, Amazon Alexa, nearly 4,500 Walmart locations, and a growing network of U.S. financial institutions. In addition, the Instant Payment Network opens up a world of possibilities for expanded digital payment options: bill presentment and payment, P2P, external account transfers, new account funding, loan payments, small business bill and invoice payments, and B2C disbursements.

Using open APIs, SDK widgets, and SSO interfaces, you have complete flexibility and control over how you integrate and deliver your services to any channel or application. You can deploy modern digital bill presentment, payment and money movement services as à la carte stand-alone services, integrated dashboard tiles, or as seamlessly integrated capabilities in your proprietary app.

With Payveris, financial institutions see better customer engagement, lower operating costs, increased revenue, and improved insights into their customers’ payments and payment behavior. And we’ve got you covered when you’re ready for a smooth conversion. Just ask the more than 300 financial institutions that have already done it.

Let us help you access the same freedom, services, and ease that the Instant Payment Network has brought to so many customers.

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Your customers want it all.

Give it to them.

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