Paying bills is the least of their concerns

Odds are that nearly zero of your small business customers start work each day looking forward to paying the bills. It's just something they have to do to keep the lights on. If they get the bills done quickly, they can move on to what really energizes them, whether that's inventing, serving customers, or managing their team.

Small businesses want big business Bill Pay — but without the need to hire an entire accounting department. With Payveris, you can offer Business Bill Pay and Disbursements that combine flexibility with control. Your business customers get everything they need to manage their invoices — including multi-TIN payments — efficiently and securely.

A better way to manage business payments

With multi-user entitlement features, Payveris Business Bill Pay allows businesses to assign payment tasks to others on their team while maintaining control over the flow of funds. Access to electronic bills with due date alerts help them manage cash flow and make sure invoices are paid on time.

Payveris Business Bill Pay is powered by the Instant Payment Network®, and comes with integrated fraud management tools, customer segmentation and next-day electronic payments (real-time coming soon). Businesses need more tools to manage their payments, but that doesn't mean their Bill Pay needs to be more complicated. 

This is small business Bill Pay that gives customers more time to focus on their business.


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