As the money movement space becomes more atomized, it can be challenging for financial institutions to compete with so many startups, challenger banks, billers and payment companies. You might improve one aspect of your service and then find that another is already being disrupted. However, because of the fundamental nature bills play in one’s financial health, FIs have an opportunity to reclaim a central role in their customer’s financial future by simplifying how customers manage and pay their bills and other financial obligations. 

Payveris and CU*Answers were named the winner of the 2021 Tearsheet Data Award in the category of Best Customer Data Implementation for their shared collaboration in exchanging data to make bill pay data available to its 151 mutual credit union customers through multiple dashboards.

The pandemic clearly triggered the acceleration of several fintech trends, making 2020 a busy year for innovation. So, where will 2021 take us? Payveris sits in a unique position within the financial services ecosystem, with direct optics into consumer money movement activity on the MoveMoney Platform, enabling us to identify consumer payment trends and fintech solutions to match them. 


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