Why Payveris?

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What sets Payveris apart from our competition is not only our innovative technology, cloud delivery model and single platform approach to digital payments, it is our people. We come from the financial services industry, understand your business and are 100% committed to your success and our partner relationship. We focus on market trends and demands while continually enhancing our solutions to provide a competitive edge.

Payveris is changing the way payment transactions are processed. Our thought leaders bring a wealth of experience from the financial technology and banking industries to every decision we make. Our sole focus is improving the overall digital payment experience for consumers - to make it faster, more secure and easier to use - while delivering emerging payment technologies to FIs interested in remaining at the center of commerce. 

Payveris features a single digital payments platform that facilitates electronic bill pay, account-to-account (A2A) and person-to-person (P2P) money movement services. We are focused on delivering a fast, efficient, secure, reliable and a seamless "anytime, anywhere, any device" multi-channel experience. 

Our comprehensive background and knowledge of the banking industry compels us to re-imagine a better, more efficient payments process while addressing the changing needs of the market by developing superior service-delivery solutions. We provide payment technology that facilitates rather than complicates the payments process combined with innovative cloud-based operations that cost effectively offers faster payments and complete security while delivering the most return possible on every technology dollar. Every day, we work on providing the best digital payment experience possible, and all of our decisions are targeted toward innovation and the end result of more satisfied consumers based on delivering powerful, easy-to-use and manage payments technology. 

Payveris' flexible and customized solutions are built on modern cloud-based architecture that ensures seamless integration into online and mobile banking applications. We're here to provide a better way to meet the ever-changing needs of your consumers and businesses. 

According to Accenture’s 2014 North American Consumer Digital Banking Survey, 71% of those surveyed considered their banking relationship to be transactional rather than relationship-driven. When it comes to relationships, Payveris understands that customers and members of financial institutions want a banking relationship that is nimble, proactive and part of their daily lives. Increasingly, a FI's digital payments offering can be the lifeblood of a banking relationship and the key to retaining and attracting account holders.